Celebration of 46th Anniversary of the Central Department of Botany, TU

46th Anniversary of Central Department of Botany, TU, was celebrated followed by the First General Meeting of the CDB TU Alumni on November 29th,  2011 at CDB TU Botanical garden.

The program was addressed by Prof. Ganesh Man Gurung (Chairman, University Grants Commission Nepal; and Chief Guest of the program), Prof. Hira Bahadur Maharjan (Vice Chancellor, Tribhuvan University, and the Guest of Honour), Dr. Kamal K. Joshi (Former Vice Chancellor, TU; and Former Chairman, University Grants Commission Nepal), Prof. Dayananda Bajracharya (Former Rector, Tribhuvan University, and Former Vice-Chancellor, Nepal Academy of Science & Technology), Prof. Govinda PS Ghimire (Former Dean, Institute of Science & Technology, and former Professor, CDB TU), Prof. Sanu Devi Joshi (Former Head, CDB TU), Prof. Ram P. Chaudhary (Professor CDB TU, and Former Member, National Planning Commission), Prof. Ram Dev Tiwari (Professor CDB TU, and Former Executive Director, SFAFDB/ SHEP), and Prof. Krishna K. Shrestha (Chairman of the program, and Head, CDB TU).   

Over 250 well known botanists, representing government and non-governmental authorities, TU authorities, teachers and students were present in the program, including Mr. Sushil JB Rana (Secretary, Ministry of Home), Mr. Avanindra K. Shrestha (Secretary, PCMO, GoN), Dr. TB Shrestha, Dr. PR Shakya, Dr. KC Paudel (Joint Secretary, MFSC), Dr. CM Joshi (Embassy of Finland), Dr. BK Tamot (Canada), Dr. Jean Marc Hero (Australia), Dr. AR Joshi, Dr. MK Adhikari; Prof. DD Shakya, Prof. VNP Gupta, Prof. HD Lekhak; Prof. SR Sakya; Dr. DR Bhuju, Dr. S. Shrestha, Dr. B. Devkota, Dr. S. Bhattarai, Dr. A. Giri (NAST), Dr. Keshab Shrestha, Dr. N. Pradhan (NHM), Dr. DM Bajracharya, Dr. MK Chhetri, Dr. B. Chhetri (ASCOL), Dr. K. Joshi, Dr. I. Shrestha (Patan Campus), Dr. S. Subedi, CM Nemkul (Tri-Chandra) and many .... other botanists. The MC of program was Dr. Sangeeta Rajbhandary.

The first general meeting of the CDB TU Alumni has proposed to form a 11 member Ad-hoc committee of CDB TU Alumni. The Alumni members have unanimously voted Dr. Kamal Krishna Joshi (Student of the M. Sc. I Batch; and the former Vice-Chancellor of TU) as the Convener of the CDB TU Alumni Ad-hoc Committee. Other members of the committee will be nominated soon, representing various organizations, genders, caste and ethnicity, etc. The  duration of the committee will be for a period of one year. Update on the progress of ad-hoc committee will be circulated later in the departmental website at regular intervals.