Dr. Bijaya Pant


Dr. Bijaya Pant

Research interest

Biotechnology & Biochemistry


My research is focused on various aspects of plant tissue culture , production of metabolites in culture and their biological activities


  • Meristem culture and production of virus free plants
  • Development of micropropagation technologies for rare threatened and endangered plant species
  • Selection of genetically superior cell lines for various economically important plant species by using different culture technique including artificial seed production
  • Genetic transformation
  • Development of cell culture technologies for production of phytopharmaceuticals in high value medicinal plants

Enhancing the production of secondary metabolites in culture, understanding molecular biology of their biosynthesis and engineering plant cells for their enhanced production are my future priorities. Germplasm conservation of rare, threatened and medicinal orchids species of Nepal is the ongoing research at present.


PhD in Biotechnology from Hiroshima University, Japan(1997); specialization: Plant Tissue culture and Molecular biology

MSc in Botany from Tribhuvan University, Nepal (1992); field of Specialization: Cytogenetics

Teaching and research experience

Teaching experience: Since 1997

Research Experience: Since 1991

MSc Dissertations supervised: 40

Current PhD student:

Shreeti  Pradhan (2010-2014)

Research title: Ex situ conservation and mass propagation of  Cymbidium  aloifolium (L.) Sw., a threatened medicinal orchid of Nepal through artificial seed technology

Mukti Ram Poudel (2012-2016)

Research Title: In vitro study and biological activates of phytochemicals in  someDendrobium species of Nepal

Binu Timsina (2011-2015):

Population Biology of medicinal orchids in Nepal.

External supervisor in Joint Research with Biodiversity Research Center, CzechGlobe Czech Academy of Sciences


Publications: More than 60 research papers  in National and International Journals

Research papers (selected)

  • Pant B. (2014). Application of plant cell and tissue culture for the production of  phytochemicals in medicinal plants.  In: R. Adhikari, S Thapa (Eds.), Infectious disease and nanomedicine  II  First International Conference (ICIDN-2012) Dec., Series: Advances in experimental medicine and Biology, Vol.808, pp 25-41(Springer Publication)
  • Nath K.,  S. Kumar , R.S. Poudyal , Y. N.  Yang, R. Timilsina, Y.S .Park, J. Nath , P S Chauhan,  B. Pant, C. H.  Lee (2013).  Developmental stage-dependent differential gene expressionof superoxide dismutase isoenzymes and their localization and physical interaction network in rice (Oryza sativa L.) Genes Genom DOI 10.1007/s13258-013-0138-9
  • Paudel MR and B. Pant (2013). A reliable protocol for micropropagation ofEsmeralda clarkei Rchb.f. a (Orchidaceae ). Asia Pacific Journal of Molecular  Biology and Biotechnology Vol.21 (3):114-120.
  • Adhikari SR, B. Pant, K. Pokhrel (2013). Antimicrobial activity of chemical compounds from in vivo roots and  in vitro callus of Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal.  Biomedicine and Biotechnology, 1:(2)21-26.
  • Adhikari S.R. and Pant B. (2013).  Induction and Proliferation of  in vitromass of Callus in  Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal.  Research in Plant Science,1:(3)58-61.
  • Pant  B.(2013). Medicinal orchids and their uses: Tissue culture a potential alternative for conservation. African Journal of Plant Science, 7(10): 448-467.
  • Paudel S, S R Adhikari and B. Pant  (2013). Effect of Colchicine on production of secondary metabolites from callus of Withania somnifera (l.) Dunal  Journal of Nepal Biotechnology Associatin.3 (1):15-18.
  • Pradhan S., Y. P. Paudel and B. Pant (2013). Efficient regeneration of plants from shoot tip explants of Dendrobium densiflorum Lindl., a medicinal orchidAfrican Journal of Biotechnology 12(12) : 1378-1383.
  • Paudel  M. R., S. Pradhan and B. Pant (2012). In vitro seed germination and seedling development of    Esmeralda clarkei Rchb.f. (Orchidaceae).Plant Tissue Cult. & Biotech. 22(2): 107-111.
  • Poudel MR and  B. Pant. (2012.  In  vitro plant regeneration of Esmeralda clarkei Rchb  f. via protocorm explants.  African Journal of BiotechnologyVol. 11(54), pp. 11704-11708.
  • Pant  B. and D. Thapa (2012). In vitro mass propagation of an epiphytic orchid, Dendrobium primulinum  Lindl. through shoot tip culture. African Journal of  Biotechnology 11(42),  pp. 9970-9974, 24 May, 2012
  • Shrestha  U.K.and B. Pant (2012) Production of Bergenin, an active chemical  in the callus of Bergenia ciliata (Haw.) Sternb. Botanica   orientalis8: 40-44.
  • Pant  B.  (2011).Orchids of Nepal with their medicinal properties Orchidean  Journal.18 (3) 92-98.                   2-98. (Germany).
  • Pant B. and S. Shrestha (2011). Mass propagation of ground orchidPhaius   tancarvilleae   (L’ Her) Blume. through shoot tip culture. Plant Tissue Cult and Biotec. 21(2) 181-188.
  • Shukla D. D., N. Bhattarai, B. Pant. (2010) In-vitro mass propagation ofWithania                                                                                                 somnifera ( L.)  Dunal.  Nepal Journal of Science and Technology 11: 101-106.
  • Pant B.   A. Karanjeet. (2008). Micropropagation of Coelogyne   cristata Lindl. The Journal of Orchid Society of  India 22:1&2 45-48
  • Pant B. Swar S. and R. Gurung, 2008. Current Status and ex situconservation of threatened      orchids of Nepal. In Proceedings 9th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference (APOC 9), 307-318 Seoul, Korea
  • Pant B and R Gurung. 2005. In vitro seed germination and seedling development in Aerides odorataLour. The Journal of Orchid Society of India 19 (1&2): 51-55.
  • Poudyal BR and B Pant. 2006. Micropropagation & comparative study of chemical components of essential oils of in-vitro and in-vivo grown Mentha spicata L. Nepal Journal of Science and Technology 7, 71-75.
  • Adhikari D, B Pant and M Ranjeet. 2005. Elimination of potato viruses from potato (Solanum tuberosumL.) cultivars Multa and Petronese by meristem culture and thermotherapy. Journal of Nepal Biotechnology Association 2(1):6-9.
  • B Pant and SD Joshi. 2004. Current status of biotechnology education in Nepal. In : Proceedings of IV National Conference on Science and Technology, March 23- 26, 2004, Kathmandu. Vol. II. Pp. 1904-1909.
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  • Pant B, Y Kato, T Kumagai, T Matsuoka and M Sugiyama. 1997. Blepharismin produced by Protozoan Blepharisma,functions as an antibiotic effective against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.Federation of European Microbiological Societies Letters 155: 67-71.
  • Pant, B., H. Kohda and A. Namera. 1996. Clonal propagation of Cnidium officinale by shoot tip culture. Planta Medica. 62:281-283.

Pant B., M. Kohjyouma, S. Nakajima, M. Ozaki and H. Kohda. 1995. Induction and rapid propagation of

shoot  primordia of Mentha arvensis  L. var. piperascens by shoot tip culture. Natural medicines 49:(3),



Pant  B and BB Raskoti (2013). Medicinal orchids of Nepal .Himalayan Map House Pvt. Ltd. (Publisher)http://www.nhbs.com/medicinal_orchids_of_nepal_tefno_189971.html

Edited book

  • Pant B and SK Ghimire. 2005. Abstract of MSc and PhD Dissertation. Central Department of Botany, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal

Paper presentation

More than 60  times in national/international conferences, workshop and symposia

Selected presentations


  • Ex situ conservation and production of phytochemicals in  some  medicinal plants of Nepal. Guest speaker in  April 9,  2014  Department of  Life  Sciences, University of North Texas,  USA
  • B Pant. Biotechnology work at Central Department of Botany, TU,  Kirtipur, achievements and constrains. National Biotechnology Interaction   workshop,  11-12, June  2013 ,  NARC,  Khumaltar, Lalitpur (Invited Speaker)
  • B Pant.  Ex situ conservation of  Medicinal Orchids of  Nepal The 11th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference and 27th Okinawa Orchid show 2-11, Februar  2013,Okinawa, Japan . (Invited Speaker)
  • B Pant. Production phytochemicals  in culture  some medicinal plants of  Nepal.   International Conference on Infectious Diseases and Nanomedicine (ISIDN-2012) Dec.  15 – 18, Kathmandu, Nepal. (Invited Speaker)
  • Biotechnological solution for global warming. International Conference on Biodiversity, Livelihood and Climate change in the Himalayas 12-14 December 2010, Kathmandu.
  • Bijaya Pant , Sanu Devi Joshi . Ex situ conservation of the medicinal plants. National Conference of Science and technology, September 25-27, 2012, Kathmandu. (Invited speaker).
  • Orchids of Nepal with medicinal values and their conservation by in vitrotechniques. 20th World Orchid Conference: 13-16 November 2011, Singapore. (Invited speaker).
  • In vitro synthesis of active components in some medicinal plants of Nepal’. Sixth International Conference on Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology 3-5 December, 2010, Dhaka Bangladesh.
  • Tissue culture research on some orchids and medicinal plants of Nepal. Paper presented at Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry University of  Massachusetts, North Dartmouth, MA 02747, Boston USA September 2nd 2009.
  • In vitro seed germination and propagation of some Cymbidium species of Nepal. National conference on Orchids: science and society and orchid show organized by The orchid society of India jointly with Department of Botany, Bangalore university, Bangalore and the orchid society of Karnataka, Bangalore, India. April 10-12, 2008. (Invited speaker).
  • Why cell culture in medicinal plants ? National Seminar on sustanable use of biological resources – Medicinal & Aromatic plants, Pokhara Nepal. April 22-23, 2007
  • Current status and ex situ conservation of threatened orchids of Nepal. 9th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference Goyang City, Seoul, Korea March 16 – 19, 2007.
  • Micropropagation of two highly collected orchid species Cymbidium iridioides D. Don. and Aerides odorata Lour. 8th National Seminar on orchid conservation and commercialization and orchid show. Panjab University, Chandiragh India. March 18-20, 2006.
  • Biotechnology Education in Nepal. 4th National Conference on Science and Technology (NAST) March 23-26 2004.
  • Bijaya Pant. Orchid biotechnology in Nepal: The 4th Indian  Subcontinent Regional Orchid Specialist Group Meeting and Orchid Show,   Pokhara, Nepal. April 18- 22, (2003)
  • Nepalese orchids: Setting priorities for conservation. 7th Asia Pacific Conference (APOC 7), Nagoya, Japan March 15-17, (2001).
  • Current status of tissue culture in Nepal. A country paper presented in 2nd International workshop on tissue culture of economic plants, Dhaka, Bangladesh, October 3-7, (1999)
  • Introducing Modern Biotechnology for the Conservation and Propagation of Nepalese Orchids. An International Orchid Conference on “Conservation and Propagation of Endangered Wild Orchids of the World”, Simanami Japan, May 29 – April 6, (1999).
  • Induction and rapid propagation of shoot primordial of Mentha arvensis L. var. piperascens by shoot tip culture. The 42nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Pharmacognosy, Fukuyama, Japan, Sept. (1995).
  • Blepharismin, a photoreceptor pigment from Blepharisma enhances theantibacterial activity of arbekacin in MRSA. Annual meeting of the Society for Fermentation and Bioengineering, Nagoya, Japan, Sept. (1996).

Upcoming paper presentation

Artificial seed technology: An innovative approach to propagate orchids in mass scale” in International Association of Plant Biotechnology (IAPB 2014) Congress to be held from 10th -15th August, 2014, in Melbourne, Australia


Awards and scholarships

  • Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Award (Japan)
  • Soroptimist International of the Americas Scholarship Award (Japan)
  • Mahendra Bidhya Bhusan A class (2000).
  • Dipendra Young Scientist Award by Nepal Academy of Science and

Technology, Kathmandu, Nepal (2000)

  • Educational award by the Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal (2006)

Research projects


  • Ex- situ conservation of endangered and important plants of Nepal by tissue culture method (1998-2000). Funded by Office of Dean, Institute of Science and Technology, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu.
  • Ex- situ conservation of some threatened orchids and medicinal plants of Nepal (2000-2001). Funded by Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Conservation of some commercially important plants by in vitro technology (2006/2007). Funded by University Grants Commission, Nepal.
  • Ex situ conservation and analysis of phytochemicals in some important medicinal plants by in vitro technology 2009. Funded by Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Mass propagationand ex situ conservation of some threatened orchids of Nepal by tissue culturetechnique. Funded by University Grants Commission, Nepal (2010-1011).
  • Propagation of some medicinal orchids of  Nepal by tissue culture   technique, (2011-2012), Project granted by Ministry of Science and technology, Government of Nepal.

Ongoing  Project

Traded  medicinal orchids of Nepal and their In  situ and  Ex situ conservation by means of people participation in some selected community forests of  Nepal,Project Supported by MSFP (2013-2014)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxmDP0rcXp8&feature=youtu.be

Members/affiliated organizations

Member of the Editorial Committee of Botanical Orientalis, The Journal of plant Sciences

Member of the Editorial Committee of Journal of  Nepal Biotechnology Association

Nepal Botanical Society

Nepal Biotechnology Association

Ecological Society of Nepal

Heritage Himalaya, Nepal

Japan University Student Association

Japanese Society for Plant Cell and Molecular Biology

Orchid Society of India